Operating theatre light

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Instrument channel

In case of a bulb failure immediate switch to the second bulb with the reverser shall be possible Adjustment of brightness and power with buttons and switches on the front panel. 
Shall be connectable with conventional telescopes, fiberscope, Shall be adaptable to all endoscopic procedures Optionally , an automatic built-in swivel mechanism will bring the spare halogen bulb into working position.


Operating table designed for carrying out treatments, dressing interventions and operations of general surgery and traumatology All exposed metallic parts shall be made from stainless, acid proof steel.

The table base shall be mobile and shall have central brakes Back rest and leg rest inclination angle, kidney elevator, Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions and height adjustment of the table top shall be

The table top shall be translucent for x-rays with 5 separate Sections

Padded rubber mattresses with Anti Microbial agent incorporated into all components that assists in Prohibiting growth of bacteria & fungi and easy to clean and maintain