Varicose socks

Varicose socks

Varicose socks

They help to alleviate the symptoms of venous disease, prevent blood clots, and are used for varicose vein treatment. Basically, they improve your blood flow.

They can lessen pain and swelling in your legs.

How do compression socks work for varicose veins?

Essentially, compression stockings help to reduce swelling and blood pooling in your legs. They add pressure, which helps the blood flow back up from your legs, despite gravity pulling it down. These stockings are recommended for more than varicose veins treatment.

The compression that varicose vein stockings provide helps the veins to move blood toward the heart.  In order for varicose vein socks to work appropriately, it is best to apply them before symptoms of swelling have started.  This is typically first thing in the morning, as there is less swelling after laying down all night. They do not have as much effect once swelling has already started.  

Varicose vein socks are tight and apply a set amount of pressure to the legs.

Different socks may apply different pressures.

There is also availability to have socks that stop at the level of the knee and socks that are thigh-high, based on needs and symptoms.